Summer School in TAIS

Hi my name is Stephanie, and I am a Taiwanese. In the year of 2020 we are here of TAIS to have the summer school. We are having a grate time here in every summer school. Because of the COVID-19, every student in this school could not travel to the other country or to go studying ion the other country. we had many different classes like communication, writing, swimming, PE, and many others, but right now I was still in the ELL class, some classes we have it in everyday.

On Monday to Friday, in the morning, we had the three important classes and a PE. PE: we had swimming on Monday, frisbee on Tuesday, fun gym on Thursday, and no PE for Friday. Actually, I do not like to have the regular PE class it is still fun, but I just do not like it. I like the PE class in the summer school because it looks more like playing with friends, you just play and no learning and test. In the afternoon, we had class in almost three hours we’re fun, Monday we had a lot fun learning in the science I like it too. Tuesday, we having the ART class we learn how to make things. Wednesday, we had a steam class, but actually it like a computer class. Thursday, we just had a reading class we’re not only reading books we’re learning things too. Friday, all the ELL students are divided into six groups and to play some interesting games.

This is the best summer school I’ve ever had.

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