Contrast TAIS to Previous School

Today, I want to talk about contrast TAIS to Previous School.

I’m 9 grade at Taiwan Adventist International School. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s a Christian American international school located in the mountains of central Taiwan.

Here are some things I’ve noticed where it differs from Taiwanese schools. The study method is different. We use computer apps to enhance English, making powerpoint or do the paragraph, but in Taiwan’s schools, all the students only use books.

In Taiwan Adventist International School, we just focus on English and practice English grammar. The teachers are a little different from Taiwan’s. The teachers speak English with us because it can make our English better.

Next, I will talk about dorm life. Some students live in the dorm because it will be more convenient. My friends and I have more time to understand each other.

I am happy here because I make a lot of friends and the teachers are kind. Before I study at TAIS, my  English is terrible and I speak English only have a little time. But now, my English is progressing.



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