Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues is the big problem for us and the trash is the biggest. Rivers and seas have garbage that more animals get hurt from it. If all of the people didn’t value it, I think the world will be worse, then animals have bad health. This problem is very important, the world will be destroyed by humans. So we can pick up trash in the ocean and have a Clean Beach Activity. We can recycle things or bring own bag to the supermarket.


Air Pollution

  1. The air pollution is a big problem for our environment, this issue will health problems and people will be dying, and if it continues, will have global warming.
  2. If we don’t solve this problem, everyone will die, the earth will disappear.
  3.  How can we solve? We should reduce do fossil fuels, take more mass transit, eat less oil and fry, change the car we drive, we can plan the more tree, that thing can help reduce air pollution.

Paragraph 2 (My hobby)

My hobby

My hobby is playing the cello. Playing cello in my life is a very happy thing. This is my of my hobbies.  In my third grade, I play the cello, and I play cello 8 years, I originally played the violin, but my teacher said that I am more suitable to play the cello.  At first playing, the cello was difficult for me. In primary school, I played 3 hours a day. The first hour I practiced basic work, the second hour I practice more pitches, and the third hour I practiced a song. Now I practice two times in two weeks Because I will stay in school for two weeks. I record my practice and listen to it fix my mistakes. In the future, I think can find a better teacher to learn. Find 2、3 teacher. To participate in many music competitions, all improve my future thing can help me get a more different experience. I like to play cello all the time because it can let me feel happy and relaxed.


There was a girl who was tall,

one beautiful day in the fall,

she was laughing so hard,

tripped over a snake in the yard,

and hit her big head on the wall.

「tall girl Cartoon」的圖片搜尋結果




5 idea of good comment.

There are 5 idea can made me have some good comment!

1.You can looked others commend and learn how to talk to each other.

2.You can ask your friends or family how to comment.

3.Search from google about the topic.

4.You can going to library or anywhere and learn form the book or internet.

5.Try to use blogger’s name in your comment.

Limerick Brain freeze

My father like eat KFC

He is in there learning ABC                                                                  

He says the food is so nice

But the drink had much ice

Brain freeze he had, so he couldn’t see


How to leave a blog comment

  1. We can leave feedback, constructive criticism, or give a new idea: This thing can help a person know where can add more information.
  2. Give some motivating thing: This can help a person feel happy because can let him do more blog.
  3. Comment can learn how to interact politely and how to conversation.
  4. You can meet new people and form friendships: If you post a comment can help another side, and another side will find you and want to know you.
  5. Give new perspectives: A commenter might suggest something that you didn’t include in your post